Sunday, 28 August 2011

Thank You Berry Much

I am addicted to blackberry muffins. There! I've said it. It's out in the open, this dark secret of mine. I can't help it; they're just irresistible. I'd like to be able to tell you that I've tried to resist the purple temptations, but I haven't. Worse than that I've even tried to convince myself, and others, such things are good for you. Healthy even.
In the world according to ME all you need to do to turn 256 calories of loveliness into an 'I'm-being-good-honest' treat, is add more fruit than the recipe states and put slightly less mixture in each muffin case. (Depending on how restrained I'm being I can get between 18 and 24 muffins from a recipe for 12). Have one for breakfast with natural yogurt and voila! Healthy. Its simple when you know how. Of course that only works when you stop at one... What can I say? I have no will power.
You see, I recognise a good thing when I've got it. The wheel turns and the seasons change. Even the most prolific blackberry bush must succumb to the tides of change. Winter will come creeping in soon enough, the harvest will be over and all will sleep. I indulge while I can, you can't blame a girl for that!

I have strict rules for picking hedgerow gems though.
Rule number 1
I always ask permission first and  listen to the answer, you need to know what is required from you. Yesterday I found myself explaining to one particular 'blackberry sprite' exactly what jam is. Have you any idea how hard that is?
Rule number 2
Never, ever, take too much from any one place. I hate to get to a favourite harvesting spot to find someone has beaten me to it and stripped the bush bare. Nature's larder is there for us to share, with each other, but most importantly with the wildlife. I aim to take no more than about 10-20% of the ripe fruit but I pay attention to the spirit of the place. If I get stung or scratched on thorns I take that as an 'Okay, you've had enough!' and stop. Immediately.
Rule number 3
Say Thank You. Make an offering. Take a sample of what you've made back to the harvesting site. I've found its always appreciated.

Sticking to these rules I get enough for my needs.

And right now I need another blackberry muffin.

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  1. I love foraging for food (asking and thanking along the way) it seems to make the whole cooking process seem more 'special'. I also love muffins so this post is like a blog post from heaven lol