Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Colours of the Moors

I love the moors. I could spend hours just enjoying the space and the quiet that isn't quiet; not really, if you listen you will hear the cry of a distant buzzard on the wind, the rustle of long grass and the bleating movements of the sheep or the soft breath of inquisitive moorland ponies and the buzz of bees on heather. The moor isn't quiet, it isn't silent, it isn't bleak. The moor is full of life and I adore it.

By the time I remembered I had my camera the ponies had moved on but never mind, there will be other days. Instead I tried to capture the amazingly vibrant colour palate of the Dartmoor autumn. These don't really do it justice, but I hope you'll like them anyway.

The late afternoon sun, blindingly beautiful

The bluest of skies

 Gorse Flowers, as bright as the sun


  1. Lovely photos, what a beautiful place!

  2. Oh it is wonderful, isnt it..... when the skies are blue is a beautiful place x xx