Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Baking Up Memories

I can't do a series of posts about loved ones who have passed without writing about my Grandma. She was only 56 when she died, although at only twelve she seemed like an old lady to me. Now in my 40's with time speeding by, 56 doesn't seem that far away and I know when I reach 56 I won't feel like an old lady even if my grandchildren see me as one :-)

I hope, that when I finally pass (later rather than sooner I'm in no rush!) my grandchildren have memories of me as rich and happy as the ones I have of my Grandma. I used to spend the day with my grandparents during school holidays whilst my mother was at work and there was nothing I loved more than being allowed to put the sheets through the mangle for her, or standing on a stool to reach the work top and helping her bake. It was my Grandma who taught me to cook. We baked scones and biscuits and good old fashioned cakes and my brother and I would fight over who got to lick the spoon. And then to keep us quiet she'd sit us on the front step with a cup of sugar and a stick of rhubarb each. Can you imagine giving a child that much sugar these days?!!!!! But I loved it and its still a treat I enjoy today.

My grandma died far too young but there is no sadness when I remember her, because every memory, yes every single one, is good. 

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  1. Lovely memories. My Grandparents would give us Hostess Dind Dongs. I still remember the foil wrap they came in. They would give us a can of V-8 to counter-act the sugar.