Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Thinning of the Veil

It's been easy to forget, given the glorious weather we've been enjoying here in the U.K, that Samhain is creeping up on us. I like Samhain, its one of my favourite times of year, but I don't get swept away with enthusiasm for decorating our home and tripping over plastic pumpkins every time I turn around. If you do...Enjoy. And if you come knocking at my door trick-or-treating, I'll have plenty of goodies waiting for you by then :-)

I'm kind of hoping the lovely weather will hold until my birthday at the weekend but I won't be sorry to see a return to autumnal mists and a nip in the air. It seems more appropriate somehow. But even though the weather seams to have forgotten what to do in this season, the wheel is still turning. The sun sets a little earlier each day and rises a little later. The dark is coming. The veil is thinning. The dead are waiting for me to set a place at the table and invite them to the feast.

Today is my brother's birthday, but he is going to the funeral of a friend. On Thursday we have the funeral of a much loved uncle and events in the news have brought back to mind the tragic and brutal death of a lovely, vibrant, bubbly young girl I once knew. My feelings on that are too intense and quite probably too irrational to share. Part of me deep down knows I would not see the truly innocent punished, but the resurgence of my grief has chased away all objectivity...for now.

For now I welcome the thinning of the veil. I am glad the dead, the beloved, the ancestors, are close. I cherish the memories, I absorb the lessons, I revere the wisdom of those that have gone before. I celebrate the lives of those I have known.

Samhain is coming. The veil is thinning. The dead are gathering... Come on in my lovelies, I'll put the kettle on.

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