Thursday, 1 December 2011

All NaNoed Out

It's December 1st and NaNoWriMo is over for 2011. Did I make it to 50,000 words? The short answer to that would be 'No' but as I have discovered, there is so much more to National Novel Writing Month than hitting that 50k target.

I managed 40,000. 40,007 to be precise and that is one hell of an achievement. I am actually very proud of what I have done. I would have liked to make it to 50k, of course I would, but I didn't embark on this journey solely to write a set number of words. I did it to instill a bit of writing discipline in my otherwise lazy brain. I did it to connect with other writers. But most of all I did it to have fun. I succeeded on all three of those, especially the last one. I have had the time of my life.

That is not to say there haven't been times when I've been screaming at my laptop, or tearing my hair out with frustration, or wanting to give up due to utter exhaustion, but then I've had a chat with some of my fellow wrimo's and it has all been OK again. The support I have received from not only my own family, but from complete strangers who shared a common goal, has been astounding. It has been a truly wonderful experience.

And as an added bonus I think I've actually written something worth reading. It still needs work (like reaching The End, that would be good) and it has gone off in directions I never expected but I really feel its working. Always before with my writing I have carefully planned before I began. This was the first time I've ever embarked on something of this magnitude without a clear structure, hell, without even much of an outline. I gave my character's their independence and they have dragged me along on a journey of discovery, and wow, what a journey!

My main character, Molly, is an independent little witch who has put me in my place a few times. She is currently demanding I allow her to have her own blog (and I might just let her run with that one) but we shall see. First I have to finish my story.

So NaNoWriMo may be over for 2011 but the work has just begun. I'm taking a couple of days break from it, I'm all NoNoed out right now, but then I shall pick up the threads again and let Molly weave her magic.


  1. Be careful. or your story might die during your break. ^^

  2. Oh, and of course CONGRATULATIONS on getting through NaNoWriMo!

  3. That is wonderful - great job and congratulations on all your hard work! Yes, sometimes we need a break. ;)

  4. Inspiration cannot always be pushed although it can sometimes need a nudge to keep flowing.
    (hello, via cargillwitch)
    Blessings Be.