Friday, 2 December 2011

It's Going To Be A Very Busy Solstice

Ms Graveyard Dirt has issued an invitation I can't refuse, to celebrate with my ancestors for Sviata Vechera (don't ask me how you pronounce that, but it means holy supper). This is not something I've ever done before but the idea is so simple and so bloody obvious that I'm smacking myself around the head for not thinking of it myself.

We all hurl ourselves head long at Yule, drinking, feasting and celebrating with our families. It's only one small step further (or backwards if you take it literally) to include our ancestors in those celebrations, and to be honest, quite churlish not to. Many of us work with our ancestors all year round anyway, and even those who don't will give them an outing for Samhain, so it seems even more bizarre that I had never thought to specifically include them in the Yuletide festivities.

So now I need to get my finger out and do my research because as Ms Dirty says 'you don't want to come off as a dickface' by serving up something that's completely alien. When its my turn to join the ancestral ranks I certainly hope future generations of my family will be serving up the things I actually like. I mean, would you want to go to a party where there's no cake? Of course you wouldn't!

I have to admit I know very little about my own family tree. I can trace my Mum's side back about four or five generations or so and most of those were born within about ten miles of where I was so a bit of good home cooking like my grandma taught me should go down fine with them. My Dad's side is a bit trickier as I know very little at all. He's always been quite tight lipped about his family. So far as I know his mother came from Cumbria (probably why I have such a pull to the place myself) so I have a starting point and I have a suspicion I may be able to trace the line back to Ireland from there but I've not got much to go on. It should be an interesting journey through the recipe books.

And of course we live in Cornwall, a land with rich traditions, so I'm looking forward to finding something which will honour the original inhabitants of this land.

If that wasn't enough to be going on with Pixie Campbell is holding The Mother of All Releasing Ceremonies on the 22nd Dec (yes, the Solstice is on the 22nd this year). With all the crap I seem to have been carrying around with me I feel compelled to join in.

I don't want to give anything less than my full attention to either so I'm doing it over two days. The 21st is always a cause for celebration here, no matter what day the Solstice officially falls on, as it is a rather special anniversary for the Mad Druid and I. So as we'll be celebrating that day anyway I'm picking that for our Holy Supper. Its very appropriate, all things considered, to be whooping it up with our ancestors that day.

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  1. Seem to have a vague memory of some folklore related to setting an extra place at the 'Christmas' table for the dead - not sure where I heard it though...