Saturday, 24 December 2011

Welcoming New Life and The Crone

Its been a bit quiet on here as I indulged in the annual festive trip to see family. As usual nothing went to plan. The early December trip north was repeatedly postponed as I waited for the arrival of my granddaughter. Our time in the midlands would be limited and I certainly didn't want to come home without meeting her. In the end we gave up and travelled anyway, and right on cue she arrived just in time for me to collect Mummy, Daddy and Baby from the hospital when she was just four hours old.

I was first made a Grandma back in January with the arrival of my Grandson, so I'm a Granny twice over in the space of a year!!! There is nothing like a little pink bundle of joy to make one feel old. It doesn't seen five minutes since I was the one bringing life into the world and now I'm a bystander as my children do the same. Its a strange feeling. And one I haven't quite got used to yet. This is going to be an interesting journey.

I have always seen myself as a mother, even before I had children of my own, and yet I never looked beyond that. Now I am seeing the continuation of my line and as new life grows the urge to look back grows stronger. Now, more than ever, I am aware of the thread that links me to all my kin who have gone before. I feel their blood surge through my veins, I hear their wisdom whispering across the years as I embrace this new chapter of my life.

All hail, my little ones.
All hail, my Grandmothers.


  1. Aw, so glad you got to see everybody, including the newest member of your family! Wishing you a very Blessed Solstice and Merry Yule.

  2. I understand! I have two grandsons and it was different at first but you know once a mom always a mom and your grown kids still need you, and the best part is you get to have fun with your grand kids and not have to discipline them! I love that part!