Sunday, 19 February 2012

I'm Back

It has been, quite possibly, the longest week of my life. I'm exhausted, and then some but I'm slowly catching up with all the blogs I read and searching for wherever I left my sanity. What little there is left of it anyway.

I have poured myself a large glass of wine (homemade rhubarb, courtesy of my mum and step dad), and as tempting as a hot bath sounds after a long journey, I think I'm just going to drag myself off to bed.

At some point over the next few days I think I'll try to make sense of the events of the last week, and maybe even share my panic, frustration, hope, and joy (and sheer bloody mindedness). Maybe not.

I'm sure I'll be back to normal soon, or as close to normal as I'm prepared (or able) to get, but for now my bed beckons. I've really missed it.


  1. Enjoy your wine, get some rest and then tell us all about it. Welcome back!

  2. You sound like you've been through hell, rest and get yourself better and if you want/need to talk were here for you.

  3. Hey, sweetie how are you doing? I hope your doing better, and your son too.